What is art? How can I understand art? Why is art important? And what does it have to do with me?

If you have ever wandered through a museum or gallery, staring at piece after piece, you have probably asked yourself these questions and struggled to find an answer. While these questions remain as open-ended as ever, there are many lessons that can be learned from art about our history, our culture, our society, and our humanity.

Art through the ages has expressed every extreme of human emotion, from anger and vengeance to passion and love to the most gentle tenderness and kindness. Politics and power, war and peace, religion and morality, economics and class divisions, marriage and family relationships, man’s relationship to nature, a person’s quest for individual identity… these essential themes run through every current aspect of our modern lives. Each one finds expression in art, from paintings and drawings to sculpture, architecture, ceramics, textiles, performance/expressionist art, and every creative venture known to man.

Art is a window into another time and another mind, showing us how these themes played out for our ancestors in every society across the globe. Art is also a mirror into our own thoughts and attitudes, a mirror that can help us understand our own actions and reactions to age-old fundamental questions.

Art is powerful, art is moving, art is thought-provoking… if you take a closer look. As a student of art history who is learning to see art in new ways every day, I hope to show you why art is truly important in our daily lives and how you can understand the ways in which art communicates with us. So come and join me on a journey through the history of art as we learn the art of looking.



P.S. All the images I present on this site are meant for non-commercial, educational purposes only, and unless otherwise stated they are in the public domain.


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